What's New
What's New
Pulsar Cal Hypo Feed Systems are now
available through ESA
Pulsar CRS Systems help protect your pool's
swimmers with their advanced clarifier
Next Generation Water Science Products are
available through ESA
Next Generation Water Science Products
introduces it's new advanced clarifier
New ETS UV Installations:

Washington & Lee University
Brandermill Woods
Kempsville Recreation Center
Various Richmond YMCA's
Machine Swim School
Propel Swim Academy
Southern Area Aquatic
James Madison University
Embry Mills- Rouse Swim
Roosevelt High School
UNC Greensboro
Takoma Aquatic Center
Mary Washington University
Moore Square Fountain
Kings Dominion
Town of Warrrenton
Neptune Benson introduces the new Odyssey
Top Connection Horizontal Fiberglass Tank

Perfect for challenging footprints.

New, Advanced control is available

Faceiping with optional automatic valve
configuration pictured
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Lawson Grating, Main Drain, and Edge
Treatment Fittings are available through ESA
Evoqua UV system service plans and parts are now available through  ESA
The ProStrainer™ product is the first and only dual
basket high capacity pump strainer, flow
straightener, and air evacuator in one product, with
patented Horizontal Laminar Flow (HLF)
The Pulsar® Infinity system is an innovative approach to commercial
pool chlorination. The patent-pending, slow dissolving tablets work
with our easy to use Pulsar® Infinity feeder, an automatic solution
that meets the needs of the modern pool facility. The Pulsar®
Infinity system is a 3-in 1 product that chlorinates, increases calcium
and boosts alkalinity. With the simplicity of an erosion feeder, the
Pulsar® Infinity feeder’s streamlined design is easy to install, service
and requires minimal operator attention. There’s never been a
better ti me to upgrade to the latest in high-tech pool performance delivering
clear and sparkling water ti me and ti me again


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Dryden AFM Media

AFM® (Activated Filter Media) is an activated and therefore bio-
resistant filter media made from green and brown glass.  AFM®
at least twice as good as sand . AFM® is bio-resistant:
Prevents bacterial growth. AFM® is a sustainable product made
of recycled glass.

Your benefits at a glance:

Crystal clear water
Lower chlorine consumption
Less toxic disinfection by-products;
Less "chlorine smell" in the air
Reduces the risk of infections by bacteria and parasites like
Legionella, Pseudomonas and Cryptosporidium to an absolute
Same performance for many years